Wit's End Fashions

Your final fashion destination

If you are interested in consigning clothing at Wit's End, you can bring your items (25 at a time) in bags or boxes as they will be hung on Wit's End hangers in the consignment receiving area.This can be done without an appointment anytime during regular business hours which as of October 1, 2016 are Monday through Friday 11A to 5P and Saturday 11A-3P. Wit’s End will determine pricing and placement of your items. They will be tagged, priced and placed on the floor for an 8 week consignment (6 weeks at full price and two weeks at half price). If the items sell within that 8 week period, it is a 50/50 split between you, the consignor, and Wit’s End.

The consignment process is different from other competitor's in the area in that as soon as items are entered into the system, an e-mail is generated to the consignor which gives a login and password for the consignor portal. This allows consignors to track independently through their computer or smart phone the sales of their items allowing maximum transparency. Also, Wit's End pays consignors on a monthy basis (30th). So if a consignor sells $10 or more within a month period, they will know that a check has been cut for them. Checks are held at the store for pick up. If checks are not picked up within a 90 day period, they are automatically voided.  If after the consignment period, your items are not sold, they will move to the “Wear to care” section and into donation. (With the exception of items priced at $100 or more. These items you will have the option to take back).