Wit's End Fashions

Your final fashion destination

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is generally 70-75% off retail and is common for the resale industry

I have noticed in using the portal that sometimes amounts are cleared out, why does this happen?

Whenever Wit's End disperses checks (monthly) amounts are cleared from the portal. However, there is still a way to recall your past sales. There is a help option through the portal that can aid in this.

Do you buy clothing items outright?

No. Wit's End is strictly a consignment shop. However, we do have a store credit policy that ensures if your account is less than $10, you can use your account balance towards store purchases.

How often is inventory coming into the store?

New items are put out daily and the store is ever changing based on quantity and kind of merchandise.

Do you take Men's and Children's items?

No. Our focus is clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories for Women only from Juniors to Plus Size.

What makes shopping at Wit's End different from any other consignment shop?

First of all, Deb, the owner is committed to personal service. So if you are looking for a particular item, she readily comes out from behind the counter to search with you. She has quite a command of her inventory and can usually put her hands on items you desire. She also prides herself on knowing names and is always open to conversation. In addition, the store is organized in such a way as to provide a seamless shopping experience. Everything is clearly labeled and spaced, with "shopability" in mind. When things become overcrowded, Deb is hard at work rearranging for your ease and comfort. From the music to the displays, everything is designed to make you feel as if you have escaped from the craziness of life. Pricing of items ranges from $7 to $15 per item with two color 50% discount tags every week.

Is there any inventory that does not qualify for discounts?

No. Everything including jewelry goes on sale.