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As a potential consignor, you will become a valued partner in my business. It is very important to me to be able to provide a premier consignment experience for you. I understand the accumulation of clothing and accessories in our collective closets! It is my desire to provide a recycling outlet for these items while at the same time recouping a dollar value for my consignors. In order to ensure the smooth operation of our resale shop, I have established certain guidelines to help you with your items:

  • There is no appointment necessary. You can consign anytime during our open store hours.
  • We accept a maximum of 25 items at a time (this includes accessories).
  • We only take Junior’s, Misses, and Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Clothing must be cleaned and pressed, current (within 3 years), free of stains, odors (such as cigarettes, moth balls, wood stove, and mildew), free of pilling, holes, or tears.
  • We provide hangers for your clothing, so we recommend boxing or bagging your things. Hangers are located at the store but will not be given out to take home in advance. We ask that you hang your items in our consignment receiving area as you arrive. This accomplishes two things. First, it provides you with a second look at all the items you wish to consign, so that if you change your mind about an item you can do so easily. Secondly, it gets the merchandise ready for the floor and makes it easier to check the condition of the items.
  • Each item will be carefully inspected by our staff. There may be some of your items that will not be accepted based on condition and/or seasonality. Please understand that it is our job to control the quantity and quality of inventory based on our local market and is in no way meant to be insulting to you as a person. We ask that you trust our business expertise in ensuring the successful sale of your item. When you are successful, it creates success for Wit’s End.
  • T-shirts are not accepted simply because the inventory cost outweighs the sales revenue earned.
  • We accept items based on the season. In general, unless notified otherwise the following applies:    December-February-Winter (Coats, heavy sweaters, boots, corduroys, etc.)

                March-May-Spring (light sweaters, rain jackets, lightweight pants, etc.)

               June-August-Summer (shorts, capris, sheer tops, cotton blouses, etc.)  

               September-November-Fall (darker colored sweaters, jackets,etc.)

This is again to promote great sales for both the consignor and Wit’s End alike.